Kera Transer and & Hygiene System

The Kera M Series is a New Zealand designed and manufactured multipurpose transfer & hygiene system that facilitates the safe transfer & hygiene routine for the Patient and Carer with a single transfer.

Safe, Functional & Dignified

The Kera is designed to allow a single caregiver to perform the complete transfer and hygiene routine with or without assistance where it is safe to do so.

The Kera can assist with transfers from chair to shower-chair, chair to toilet and changing of incontinence pads and other discreet hygiene tasks.

Improve productivity.

A single caregiver can quickly transfer from chair to chair, Chair to commode, chair to showerchair in under 2 minutes.

Quick and easy.

Kera's simple back strap and chest pad system quickly and securely engages with residents. Easily move between a range of residents with a single adjustment of the chest pad.

Reduce injuries.

Developed in consultation with Physios and Occupational Therapists to reduce the load on caregivers. Internally tested to relevant ISO10535 hoist standards.

Easy to move and store.

The Kera transfer aid is light and manoeuvrable, with no electrical parts, and a small footprint enabling it to be conveniently stored or transported.

  • $5,000.00