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Free NZ shipping on orders over $150.00 (excludes oversized items)
Free NZ shipping on orders over $150.00 (excludes oversized items)

Terms and Conditions of Rental


                                  TERMS & CONDITIONS OF RENTAL

  1. The Hirer is fully responsible for the hired equipment, owned by Dynamic Healthcare Ltd.
  2. If the hired equipment is not returned by the agreed time, the Hirer will be charged a full weeks/day hire charge for each week/day the equipment is not returned beyond the return date.
  3. All hire charges are paid in full prior to taking the equipment. All equipment should be returned in good, clean working order.
  4. If any of the hire equipment is found to require repair due to misuse (accidental or deliberate), the equipment will be repaired by Dynamic Healthcare Ltd at the Hirer’s expense.
  5. The Hirer should properly maintain and care for the hire equipment and return it in the same condition as received.
  6. Any theft of the hired equipment, whilst in the hands of the Hirer should be reported to the Police and /or local authorities and Dynamic Healthcare Ltd immediately. 
  7. The full retail cost of the issued items, plus any cost incurred in attempting to collect lost or stolen hire items, or full repair cost in case of damage, will be paid for by the Hirer to Dynamic Healthcare Ltd.
  8. The Hirer has examined any hired equipment and confirmed its condition. It has been explained to the Hirer, the function and proper use of each hire item as required.
  9. Hirer understands that neither Dynamic Healthcare Ltd, nor any of its respective employees, officers, agents, contract employees, or assigns, may be held liable or responsible in any way for any injury, death, or other damages to them or their family/whanau, heirs or assigns that may occur as a result of any misuse of the listed hire equipment or as a result of the negligence of any party, including Dynamic Healthcare Ltd, whether passive or active.
  10. Hirer MUST inform Dynamic Healthcare Ltd, prior to any rental, or prior to any collection of equipment, of any potential infection control issues.
  11. Hirer of the hired equipment has read the above statements and has all/any questions answered to their full satisfaction.