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Free NZ shipping on orders over $150.00 (excludes oversized items)

Equipment funding in New Zealand

We provide ACC, MOH and WINZ quotes for eligible customers.

For a more comprehensive guide on the funding process in New Zealand visit FirstPort New Zealand: 

Needs Assessment and Service Coordination Service (NASCs)

If you or someone you care for requires assistance due to a disability, you can request government aid.
You will need to undergo a needs assessment with a Needs Assessment and Service coordination service, often referred to as NASCs. Their role is to assist you in determining the support you require.
If you qualify for government assistance, NASC will arrange the necessary support for you. They can also aid you in locating other resources within your community.

Needs assessments are funded by the government and come at no cost to you.

A needs assessment is usually arranged by: you or your family contacting your local Needs Assessment Coordination Service (NASC) directly, your doctor referring you or if you're in hospital, the staff looking after you can contact the NASC.

You can find a list of NASCs available throughout New Zealand on this page: Simply search for your local area and locate the one nearest to you.


    Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

    If you've experienced an accident resulting in an injury, you might qualify for ACC funding. To initiate the ACC process, you should consult your GP, who will commence the referral procedure if you meet the criteria.

    ACC can provide coverage for rehabilitation expenses, which may include physiotherapy, medical appointments, and equipment to assist in your recovery.

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    Alternative Funding Options:

    If you are not eligible for any of the previous funding types, there are a number of other funders who might be able to help you:

    Work and Income NZ (WINZ)

    If you have a low income or are a student, you may qualify for an allowance to assist with your living expenses. If you are without employment or unable to work due to illness or disability, you may be eligible for a benefit.

    We provide WINZ quotes. Simply get in touch with us, and we will initiate the process

    Cerebral Palsy Society

    Cerebral Palsy Society Grants are available to members living with Cerebral Palsy to support them in financing activities or providing aid for specific needs. The primary objective of these grants is to help individuals with Cerebral Palsy acquire products or services that alleviate the challenges of living with the condition. These grants are intended to enhance a person's independence and/or overall quality of life. In the case of a child, they may also benefit the child's parents or family.

    Additionally, the Cerebral Palsy Society collaborates with the Lions Clubs of New Zealand and can assist in securing funding for mobility equipment through the Lion's Child Mobility Fund.

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    Halberg Trust

    The Halberg Foundation, is a charitable organisation founded on the principle that every individual, regardless of their abilities, should have an equal chance to enrich their lives through sports and recreation. 

    The Halberg Activity Fund provides grants to physically disabled young people (under 21 years) to help overcome the financial barriers that prevent them from participating in sport and recreation.  These grants help pay for sports equipment, lessons and assistance at school camps.  

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    The Wilson Home Trust

    The Wilson Home Trust offer a range of grants that support a need, activity, or piece of equipment that will enhance the life of a child or young person with a physical disability. For more info click here:

    There are many more grants and services available for those who need them. For a more comprehensive guide on the funding process in New Zealand visit FirstPort New Zealand: