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Visit our store located at 57 Cobham Road, Kerikeri
Visit our store located at 57 Cobham Road, Kerikeri

Kera Thigh Strap

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Technical Specifications

Improved comfort to the user by allowing the tightness of the
Backstrap to be reduced
- Improving the security of the lift, by adding a second
supporting element.
- Reduce the force going through the user’s feet and legs.
- Improved security of the knees and feet during the transfer,
by ensuring they are well held from moving or slipping.
- Still allows access to clothing.

The Thighstrap is a convenient addition to the Kera Sit2Sit system, offering a solution to reduce the level of tightness needed from the Backstrap. By incorporating the Thighstrap, users can experience enhanced comfort and support while minimizing the tension required from the Backstrap.

This innovative accessory seamlessly integrates with the Kera Sit2Sit system, promoting proper positioning and stability for individuals during various activities