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Visit our store located at 57 Cobham Road, Kerikeri
Visit our store located at 57 Cobham Road, Kerikeri

Kera Foot Boxes

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Technical Specifications

Introducing the specially crafted Kera Sit2Sit Footboxes, a thoughtfully designed solution aimed at securely holding the user's feet in place. These footboxes are easily fitted for seamless integration into existing setups. 

Footboxes can be easily installed if the user has uncontrolled motion of their feet or tremors that mean it is possible for the feet to lift up of the footplate at any point of the transfer or a tendency.

Sold as a pair, each set comes complete with footbox straps and toe guards, ensuring comprehensive foot support and protection. With the Kera Sit2Sit Footboxes, users can experience enhanced stability and comfort, allowing for greater confidence and peace of mind during various activities.

Can also be used inconjunction with the Kera Riser Blocks