Single Grip Portable Grab Bar

The single grip Grab Bar can be installed and removed without any tools or professional installation. The durable commercial-grade suction cups are the strongest on the market.


  • Larger 120 mm diameter suction cups capable of over 158 kg of pull strength
  • Portable and removable – ideal when traveling
  • Works well on fiberglass tubs and showers, 127 mm or larger tiles, or any other smooth surface
  • Lifetime defect warranty



This product is for use on flat and smooth non-porous surfaces. It is not for use on drywall or any other porous surface. Before attaching to approved surface, the user should verify that the surface itself is in good condition (e.g. tile is secured properly to wall). If the surface is worn, loose or in disrepair, the device should not be used on surface under any circumstances. This device is intended to assist your body’s natural motion, (e.g. steadying yourself in the bath or as a balance assist during transitions from standing to sitting or vice-versa). You should not place your total body weight on the device but rather use it as a supplement to your natural motion. It is intended to be used for short periods only. Prior to any use, the user or a competent assistant should check vacuum seal on both ends to ensure device is safely attached. If loose, remove entire device and reattach per the owner’s manual. 

  • $195.00