• Off Set Cane

Off Set Cane

The PeakCare Walking Stick Swan/Offset has a swan/offset neck which means it fits nicely into the palm of your hand.  Made from lightweight aluminium, the stick is light but sturdy.  It features a cushioned hand grip, wrist strap and height-adjustment via a push-button mechanism.  This is an excellent walking stick for anyone.aluminium walking stick with offset handle

  • cushioned hand grip & wrist strap
  • height adjustable for a range of user heights
  • aids people with difficulty walking or who require extra support
  • weight capacity of 114kg


Max Height 105cm
Min Height 81.3cm
Product Weight 0.33kg
Aluminium Thickness 0.125cm
Outer Tube Diameter 2.22cm
Inner Tube Diameter 1.9cm

  • $35.00