• Dynamic Healthcare Reacher

Dynamic Healthcare Reacher

The Dynamic range of Handy Grabbers make life easier when reaching for things on the top of a shelf or off the floor.

This ultra-lightweight, strong Handy Grabber is available in 2 sizes and will assist those with restricted reach and/or mobility problems. The grabber features a single moving jaw which is very simply operated with a trigger action located on the handle.

The strong jaws feature rubber tips to prevent slipping and comes complete with a magnet for picking up small metal objects, a hook to aid dressing and can be rotated to avoid the need to rotate the wrist. The trigger, operated by four fingers is easy to grip and operate making it ideal for individuals with limited hand strength and difficulties bending forward or stretching.


30" - Extends normal reach by up to 760mm (29") (30" Grabber)



  • Simple to use mechanism
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Comfort moulded squeeze lever
  • Strong jaws with rubber tips
  • Product Weight 180g
  • Hand operated
  • $40.00