Adjustable Desks

Why upgrade to an ergonomic workspace?

With our health now more important than ever, we are aware that the goals of ergonomics - also known as human factors - is to increase safety, comfort, access and productivity by maximising the fit between accessible, people and technology. Ergonomic equipment, such as height-adjustable standing/ accessible desks and monitor arms, allow you to perfectly adjust your workspace to fit to your comfort zone, while also providing healthy movement with posture switches and light exercise throughout the day, which reduces risk of injury and boosts overall health and productivity.



1. Sit-stand desks give you the freedom to adjust the height of your work-surface, introducing healthy movement and activity into your otherwise sedentary work routine. 

2. Poorly thought out workstations that can reduce access to workstations  and essential business tools. But allowing access to all staff and customers to accessable  You’ve worked hard to create an office space that’s attractive: it’s well-planned, functional, vibrant, and comfortable. It’s a place you’re proud to show off, one where employees are happy to spend their time. But how can you be sure your office space works for everyone? What does inclusion in the workplace look like, and how can you fully achieve it?

Inclusivity is a growing topic of conversation within office design. As spaces change and become more sophisticated, companies are doing more to proactively create and outfit spaces that are functional and welcoming for everyone. Inclusion in the workplace isn’t just a “nice-to-have” item on your office design list, either; in many respects, it’s a matter of law

3. Both sitting or standing for long periods of time are detrimental to your health, which is why we've pioneered sit-stand-move!  Stretch those legs and get your blood pumping, even during otherwise sedentary activities, like answering emails or watching TV! 

4. Monitor arms are adjustable arms that allow you to easily change both your monitor height and its distance to your eyes. This makes it easy to position the monitor at the ideal location of fingertip of your outstretched arm - monitors that are too low or far away can cause users to hunch forward, while monitors that are too high or too close may increase eye strain and fatigue. Shop for monitor arms for a better way to keep your eyes healthy and your neck supported! 


New Zealand Standard NZS 4121

In NZS 4121:2001 Design for access and mobility, section 11.1 refers to public counters and desks. It says:

Reception counters and desks for public use on an accessible route shall have at least one space for use by people in wheelchairs as visitors and staff working in the reception area (see figure 36). Such a space shall be at least 900mm wide.

Figures 36 and 37 in the Standard provide examples of public counters in public bars and shops, and of supermarket checkouts which also covers office areas where customers have access to, along with an example of a desk. These examples provide only one solution and designers are encouraged to be creative in exploring alternative solutions, taking into account the dimensions required for usability.

Even in this electronic age, there are situations where people need to write or fill in forms, such as at insurance offices or banks. Everyone can use desks suitable for wheelchair users.

In NZS 4121:2001  shows that the height of a desk top or writing surface should be 775mm with a minimum under-bench height of 675mm (700mm is preferred) and a depth for knee/toe space of at least 540mm.




Above system operating with Bluetooth.  

MAX HEIGHT: 1175mm
DESK FRAME FOOTPRINT: 1285mm x 675mm
BAMBOO TABLETOP – SIZE: 1524mm x 762mm x 15mm
BAMBOO TABLETOP – WHITEBOARD: The tabletop is suitable to use as a whiteboard with dry erase markers
MOTOR – DURABILITY: Tested to 10000 transitions, 1 transition every 5 minutes
MOTOR – AUTO STOP FUNCTION: Motor stops if any sharp weight/pressure is applied while it is moving
MOTOR – OVERHEAT PROTECTION: Motor shutoff can kick in if the motor is excessively used in a short time period. Normal function will resume after approximately 10 minutes when the motor is at a safe operating temperature.
WARRANTY: 3 years warranty on the motor, 5 years on the frame