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Free NZ shipping on orders over $150.00 (excludes oversized items)
Free NZ shipping on orders over $150.00 (excludes oversized items)

Rental Travel Solutions NZ

At Dynamic Healthcare, our purpose is to empower people with disabilities with solutions so you can explore New Zealand without limits! We do this by offering accessible travel solutions for your visit to New Zealand or if you are just traveling around NZ or visiting family. Now is the time to stay home and come together as a community. We offer products for your road trip or if flying, to the regions.     Travel now! With even more passion and no limits! 

Please note that arranging rental equipment takes time to check availability, total cost and the planning for delivery. Therefore, please allow a few days notice. Avoid unintended damage during transport, the hassle of carrying heavy gear, and have your mobility equipment delivered straight to your accessible accommodation, or to the cruise port. If you are traveling internally in New Zealand or even a cruise around New Zealand, we can even deliver straight into your first hotel or your cruise cabin!

 We have Solutions 

We offer the most suitable equipment for simple Mobility issues to more Complex Equipment to use during your holiday.
In the majority of the New Zealand destinations, we can arrange a wide range of wheelchairs, shower chairs, hoists, and more. Contact us with your mobility requirements and we will check the best options to make your holiday stress free.

What details do we need

Arranging rental equipment takes time as we need to verify availability, cost information, scheduling options, and pictures for your review. Therefore please allow a few days’ notice. Same day delivery can not be arranged. We require at least the following details to look into your mobility equipment rental request:

  • Mobility requirements, and any other issues to take into account
  • Delivery and pick up date
  • Delivery and pick up location

We also need to know if we can leave the mobility equipment with a concierge or reception desk, or that we need to pre-set a delivery/pick up time and location with you. This may come as a surcharge, depending on the destination.


Rental costs differ per city. Rental costs are determined by the type of equipment you need, the total rental duration, and delivery and pick up location.  A deposit will be required by credit card to cover for any potential damages. 

What you are quoted is all you pay!! 

Contact us for options and possibilities for your holiday destination. A few examples of the mobility equipment rentals available are:

  • Shower chair / Commode SB6c Or SB6w
  • Shower Buddy SB7 Travel System
  • Foldable Manual wheelchairs
  • Mobility Scooters - folding options available
  • Walking frames
  • Hoists
  • And more.

Contact us for more information

0800 35 35 36 

Enjoy your trip!