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Visit our store located at 57 Cobham Road, Kerikeri
Visit our store located at 57 Cobham Road, Kerikeri


Are you preparing for an upcoming surgery and in need of equipment to aid in your recovery? We've got you covered! Below, you'll find a list of commonly used equipment for post-surgical recovery. For our complete rental inventory and pricing, please click here.

Your surgeon will often provide you with a list of essential post-surgical equipment to facilitate your recovery. If you're uncertain about your specific requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 0800 35 35 36, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Please note that our services are based in Kerikeri, serving the Far North of New Zealand. If you need equipment outside of this area, please contact us to discuss what options are available to you.


Knee Scooter: Our knee scooter provides a safe, non-weight-bearing mode of transport that is gentle on your joints. It features a convenient basket for carrying your phone, drink bottle, and other necessities. These are ideal for short or long-term users recovering from foot surgery, fractures, sprains, amputations, and foot ulcers.

Walker: Our walkers come equipped with a basket and seat to assist with your mobility recovery. If you require support while getting out and about, these walkers are perfect for you. They can help increase your mobility and aid in your rehabilitation.

Pedal exerciser: Our pedal exerciser can be used for both leg and shoulder mobility. Simply place on the floor or surface in front of you and pedal away! Great for those who need to improve their joint mobility with light exercise. Includes a digital counter that measures calories, time, revolutions, and strides per minute. Resistance can be easily changed for increased strength

Lift and Recline Chair: A lift chair looks very similar to a standard recliner and works in much the same way by allowing the user to recline for comfort. The key difference is that our lift chair not only reclines but also provides support when going from a seated to a standing position. Rather than having to lift yourself – which can cause strain to the shoulders, arms and hips – an electric lift chair gently stands you up, reducing fatigue and possible injury. 


Toileting and Showering

Toilet Frame Surround: This lightweight frame surrounds your toilet, providing arm support for getting on and off. The frame is height adjustable for your convenience and is often used post-knee and hip surgeries.

Shower Stool: If you need seated support while showering, these stools are available in a standard 4-legged version with arm supports to ensure you can get on and off safely. They are also height adjustable for your convenience.

Toilet Commode: Our toilet commodes can fit over an existing toilet or be used as a stand-alone toilet. They are height adjustable and come with a removable lid and bowl for infection control purposes. When used over an existing toilet, they can assist with toilets that are too low for easy mobility post-surgery. They also feature arm supports for safer transfers.

Our services are backed by a robust infection control system, and we maintain full traceability of all equipment. Feel free to call us at 0800 35 35 36 for further assistance.