Ask about our Hip and Knee Rental Package.

This service includes customised packages, set-up and instructions when delivered. Equipment is hired out at a fixed cost which extends for a period of five weeks for knees and seven weeks for hips.

If you need assistance in choosing equipment just call us free on 0800 35 35 36 or call in to the shop.

Height Adjustable Chair - Hip chairs are chairs tailored to individuals with hip flexibility issues. Designed to provide an elevated seat, so that the user can rest their buttocks without fully flexing the hip joint, these devices are perfect for those recovering from hip repair or replacement surgery

Knee Walker - These are ideal for the short or long-term users recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and foot ulcers.

Most standard toilet basins have a seat height of around 17”, which for most people is too low following a total hip replacement. There are a couple of options that can be used to raise the height. A Toilet Seat Raiser can be fitted to the toilet to raise the height of the seat. They come in heights of 2”, 4” or 6”. They fit onto the porcelain of the toilet (with the seat and lid lifted) and can be easily removed for cleaning.

A raised toilet seat can be used in conjunction with a Toilet Seat Surround; a lightweight frame which is placed around the toilet bowl to provide a support to push up from if required.

A Toilet Frame Surround is a lightweight frame with a seat attached. This is placed over the toilet bowl, with the seat and the lid raised, and provides additional seat height as well as a frame for support. The toilet combination frame is height adjustable so can be set to the correct height.

Shower Stool - These can be used if the user has a separate shower cubicle. They are available in a standard 4 legged version, or a 3 legged corner version. It is important to check that there is enough room to safely manoeuvre within the shower area with the stool in situ, and ensure that it does not pose a trip hazard. 

Perching Stool - These can be used when an individual chooses to have a hand wash at the basin. The perching stool has a sloping seat to allow the user to ‘perch’ and enables the user to sit close to the basin. They are height adjustable so can be set to the correct height for use. They are height adjustable so can be set to the correct height for use.

If your bed at home is not high enough for use then we can use bed raisers to increase the height for safe use. Bed Raisers are available in various designs so we are able to fit them to most beds. 

This service is backed up with a robust Infection Control System and full traceability of all equipment.  Call 0800 35 35 36