August 2020 COVID 19 Update


13th August 2020


During these uncertain times, we remain committed to improving lives and assisting wherever possible in the continued delivery of services, whilst working hard to keep our Staff, Clients and Community safe.

During ALL Levels, we are still offering a number of ways for our customers to interact with our team.

As an 'Essential Service’, Dynamic Healthcare is here to support our customers during these challenging times.

Even with over 35 Years Experience, we are changing the way we do business to provide alternative approaches for safe, practical delivery of our services to you, and rest assured we are doing everything we can to make life easier for you.

Dynamic Healthcare have implemented the following practices with immediate effect:

1, We have implemented the 2 Meter social distancing straightaway because of our client base.

2, We have robust infection control protocols for all equipment, which includes  product packaging. (Our Infection Control policy is available to Facilities)

3, Zero-Contact Deliveries (ZCD) are now in place for all products, including rental products.

4, We will not be using a courier service for delivering products purchased or rentals in the Far North,  so we have full traceability for our infection control policy.

5, There will be no charge for purchased items delivered, or rental deliveries in the Far North  

Our Options 


We will attend any face-to-face appointment, trial or delivery as long as you can answer ‘YES’ to these questions:

All attendees are well (no flu-like symptoms).

No-one at the appointment location has had exposure to COVID-19.

We can physically gain easy access to the appointment location.

With this option we can carry out surveys for equipment that require adjusting and placement including home modifications.

Can the 2 metre Social Distancing rule be met.



Where the therapist or family member is unable to attend the appointment in person, we can fit in around your them for them to join use using FaceTime, Zoom or Skype. This means you will have a member of the Dynamic Healthcare team with you and also have access to your therapist remotely.



Dynamic Healthcare is an approved supplier to ACC and Ministry of Health and can arrange Zoom meetings with your therapist or health professional.

Where necessary, product overviews, product training and general consultations can take place with all attendees joining using Face Time, Zoom or Skype.

We can also provide details of product requirements, and where possible, we can work with the client or carer to collate some measurements.




As part of our commitment to give you a wide range of options for appointment (new trials and deliveries), we have introduced the option of Zero-Contact Deliveries (ZCD). You may request a Zero-Contact Delivery for the delivery of all non-complex equipment. We cannot do an In-Person delivery when there is any contagious illness in the house of the client, so a ZCD is a great option. Here is how it works:

  • Request a ZCD when speaking to your therapist or Dynamic Healthcare Product Specialist.
  • When the delivery is made, your Dynamic Healthcare Product Specialist will bring the equipment to your location, position it at the entry (or point as specified by you), step back 3-4 meters (as practical), and phone you.
  • You can then come to the door, retrieve your equipment, and ask your Dynamic Healthcare Product Specialist any questions about the set up and use of the equipment as required.
  • Once you are satisfied, you can take your new equipment inside, and the Dynamic Healthcare Product Specialist will leave your premises.
  • Should you have further questions later, you can always speak to our team on 0800353536

We are unable to provide Zero-Contact Delivery for equipment that will require a significant level of fitting or adjustment during the delivery. If this is the case, we recommend:

  • If the client, their family/carer are all well, we will proceed with an In-Person Appointment, using our COVID-19 era level of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). This can include sanitised equipment, gloves, masks, etc. 
  • If the client, their family member or carer are unwell, or have been in contact with COVID-19, or have been overseas in the last 30 days, and a Zero-Contact Delivery is not suitable for the equipment type, unfortunately we will need to defer the appointment to a later date.

Equipment Demonstrations:
Your Dynamic Healthcare Product Specialist can live stream from our showroom so you can see the features and benefits of equipment.  In many cases, we can still produce a quote for you.

Equipment Rental – Your equipment will be fully set up and delivered to your door.

We assure you:

All of our product Specialist and staff who interact with clients are cleared for good health and will not attend appointments without proper hand washing and use of hand sanitiser.  Other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) i.e. disposable gloves, masks, are available at your request.  All trial equipment is sanitised with disinfectant as per our infection control policy between trials. We also keep a full register of visits as per our infection control policy.

Dynamic Healthcare also completes a full daily contact sheet for contact tracing, this include details of every trip, location and person we make contact with on any given day. 

We have implemented all MOH guidelines.

Dynamic Healthcare also has our own infection Control Guidelines for the cleaning and decontamination or products which is also tracked. 
Keeping healthy both physically and mentally is obviously the number 1 priority right now, and we are here to support you so please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and can assist you with the options outlined above. 

Contact us in 0800 353536 or


 13th  August 2020

Advice for the elderly and the rest of our community who are most at risk from coronavirus.


 Ways to reduce exposure For those most at risk for severe infection: do everything you can to reduce exposure to the virus. Keep space between you and anyone who is sick. Avoid crowds. Limit your time in public by consolidating trips to get supplies. When out, try to keep a distance from others. Wash your hands often. And if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your community, stay home as much as possible.

 If going to the supermarket think about using online shopping or check to see if you local supermarket has times set for older and disabled members of the community. Social distancing is the new phrase that describes most of this, and it goes against what we typically advocate for our older persons in our community.  How should older people balance these competing recommendations? During a time of social distancing, here are four ways for elders to stay socially connected.

1. Learn the new technology - FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and lots more. All sorts of online options exist to talk with family and friends. And you don’t have to be tech-savvy. Doing the basics is easy, and for most people, fun. If setting up an account is daunting, ask a neighbour, niece or nephew for help and a quick tutorial. Of you find it difficult contact us for information on one of our how to sessions at Dynamic Healthcare. 

 2. Stay active in the community from home - It may sound counterintuitive. How can you remain a part of the community if the goal is to separate from the community? But maybe there’s a remote option. Many organizations — political parties, faith-based groups, non profits — rely on volunteers to make phone calls. You can do that clearly community-based activity right at home.

 3. Go on a news diet -Stay informed, know what’s going on but don’t get locked into endlessly watching “breaking news” on the 24-hour news channels. Typically, not much changes hour to hour. But enduring the repetitious pummelling from TV all day long can bring needless anxiety. People have found the following advice helpful: Watch a news update in the morning, then check in again at night. Don’t stay with it all evening — 30 minutes or an hour is plenty.

 4. Reach out to family and friends - Stay in touch with the people close to you, especially those who are social distancing too. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that communities create “buddy systems” to make sure vulnerable and hard-to-reach people stay connected, particularly to news about COVID-19. This can be done through your church, social group or daily neighbourhood email blasts. And for those of you who are not elderly – why not make it a point to check in on your older friends and relatives? Such thoughtfulness is always greatly appreciated.

Social distancing does not mean social isolation, and even a  virus should not force us to be alone. Now, more than ever, people need to find smart ways to stay connected.

 5, Cleaning - We all know how to clean our home but what about when we leave our home and equipment that you have to use. Having Anti - Bacterial General Purpose Cleaning Wipes with you at all times to clean your 

A. Wheelchairs- Clean the push handles if transit chair. Cleaning any part of the chair and wheels if you are using a propelled chair.

 B. Rollator- Clean the push handles, seat and frame regularly. Keep wipes or a spray handy in a bag when ever you are going out.

C. Walkers & Walking Canes -  Again, clean the handles and frame regularly. Keep wipes or a spray handy in a bag at easy reach.

D. Mobility Scooter - Clean seat, Handlebars and controls as well as basket regularly.  
E. Wash Hands - Hands throughly after as per guidelines.

Tuesday 11th August 2020

On Wednesday 12th August at midday, Auckland will be going into level 3.
Northland will be going into level 2 along with the rest of the country, for the next 3 days.

Dynamic Healthcare will be implementing our Convid 19 response plan and infection control systems.

Today we have some hot tips from @who on how to wear a mask safely and how not to!
The World Health Organisation website has plenty of information and advice on covid-19 including research and developments, advice on how to be more safe during the pandemic and even scam alerts.