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Free NZ shipping on orders over $150.00 (excludes oversized items)
Free NZ shipping on orders over $150.00 (excludes oversized items)


Mobile lifts

Mobile lifts are patient lifts that roll on the floor and which are thereby easy to move between different locations, rooms and users.

Mobile lifts are a very flexible and versatile alternative offering great solutions for temporary lifting needs, when the exact location of lifting needs is not known beforehand, or where it is just not possible to install a ceiling lift system.

Handicare's range includes several models with different lifting capacities and featuring many different functionalities. We have mobile patient lifts for all situations, settings and users.

Ceiling lift units

A stationary lifting solution, consisting of a ceiling lift unit mounted either on a permanently installed rail system or on a freestanding lift stand, is an ergonomically ideal alternative that eliminates the need for manual lifting and allows the caregiver to always choose the optimal working stance. Furthermore, the lift system is always in place, it requires a minimum of floor space and it is very easy to manoeuvre. Another advantage is that the system provides a large lifting area and the possibility of both low and very high lifting.

Handicare's range includes a wide selection of ceiling lift units, with unique features and advantages, for all situations, settings and users. We have several models and variants, with different lifting capacity, features and functionalities, which can be used both on permanently installed rail systems and on freestanding lift stands


Manual transfer aids
Solutions for all transfer situations - for active or somewhat active users

In this section you will find Handicare's assistive devices for manual transfers and repositioning of users as well as for mobility support, e.g. during sit-to-stand and gait training. Each product page includes information about what transfer situations the device in question is suited for.

Combination of devices provides individually adapted solutions

To create optimal solutions for users with different needs, most assistive devices can be used in combination with one or several other manual transfer aids. The user manual, the movies and the "See also" section at the bottom of the respective product page provide more information and suggestions on combinations.

Sliding sheets

In this section you will find Handicare's sliding sheets for manual supine and/or sitting positioning of users, for example turning in bed and moving higher up in bed. Each product page includes information about what transfer situations the device in question is suited for.

You will also find a good overview of our sliding sheet portfolio by looking in our brochure

Showering, Bathing and Toileting

Going to the toilet, but also showering and bathing, are very personal matters which people really prefer to do independently for as long as possible. For users with reduced strength and balance however, sitting down on and getting up from the toilet can be quite difficult. Taking a bath or a shower can be even more energy-consuming and risky.

Handicare offers a number of easy and practical devices making an existing toilet, shower or bathroom suitable for a safe and comfortable situation without permanent installations or changes to the bathroom. 

Our bathroom safety range also includes a wide selection of shower stools, freestanding, mobile, self-propelling and tilting commode/shower chairs and shower trolleys, all of which are available in several variants to meet with various user and caregiver requirements.


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