Platform Walker

The Platform Support Walker is a modern design platform support walker which can be adjusted manually or hydraulically. It can be quickly and easily adjusted to optimal ergonomic position with a few simple steps. The base frame of the walker is designed to enhance premium gait area. The walker features a raised frame in front that allows longer step and the width inside the frame is generous. It is easy to transfer the client from bed to wheelchair with the help of platform support. From bed, the lowered rear leg helps backing under the bed. The walker features soft arm pads for pressure relief.

The Platform Walker is narrow enough to pass through a 70 cm door opening, making it the perfect choice when working in confined spaces and to perform in every situation.

Safe Working load is 150kg 

  • Modern platform support
  • Adjustment is quick and easy
  • Assembly of accessories is tool free
  • Ergonomic adjustment of arm support
  • Rear casters feature step-on wheel locks
  • Castors are easy to lock and unlock and with the added benefits of directional locking casters.
  • Soft and comfortable PU-pads which are easy to adjust, moisture protected and thin, for a more stable feeling
  • Strong and integrated braking system with internal cables underneath


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The Platform Walker is CE-marked and fulfils the requirements of EU directive 93/42 EEC for medical devices. 

  • $1,900.00