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A more capable and safer FWD powerchair

A great choice for those who want a more compact footprint, yet maintain excellent off-road capability. This front wheel drive powerchair has excellent climbing ability and is highly manoeuvrable also giving access to sports fields, camping, exploring, outdoor work, rural terrain, lifestyle blocks, building sites, farms, stables and national parks- for everyday inclusion, freedom, lifestyle and the power to achieve aspirational life goals.

Its superior stability, smooth suspension, unbeatable climbing ability, and high manoeuvrability has changed the face of the front wheel drive market too. Further, the Magic Mobility Frontier V4 Off-Road FWD can easily switch to smaller tyres reducing the size of the chair for those days in town where all-terrain capabilities are not required.

Through the design process and lots of hard work, we moved the wheels in as far as possible, creating a compact motorised wheelchair that handles extremely well. Its additional benefits are wider footrest options and the ability to achieve a 90° knee angle. Safer and more capable than other front wheel drive powerchairs on uneven terrain.

Capability: All Terrain - Grass, Paddocks, Bush, Mud, Sand, Snow, Stones, Kerbs, Uneven footpaths, Railway Tracks, Difficult Terrain. Compact with great off-road capability. Powerful kerb climbing. Excellent stability. Exceptionally smooth ride. Great battery life/distance.

Intended Use:

  • For indoor/outdoor freedom, inclusion, ability and lifestyle

  • Home, town, country & urban living, working and rural productivity

  • Family activities, camping, beaches, sports

  • Adventurous off-road recreation

  • For general and heavy-duty users - (also available in paediatric and bariatric)

  • Splash resistant – not water proof, must not be driven through water, into rivers, creeks or the sea

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