A practical, powerful, versatile, compact 4WD

The Extreme X8 is the most compact four-wheel drive powerchair on the market, safer and more capable than other compact all-terrain powerchairs, it allows users to confidently and quickly ascend a wide variety of difficult terrain. Unrivalled off-road performance and reliability gives capability, access and inclusion outdoors including, soft sand on beaches, sports fields, camping, exploring, outdoor work, rural terrain, building sites, farms, stables and national parks.

This powerchair has four independent, extremely powerful, high speed, high torque, high efficiency motors.

Its superior suspension, articulating front frame and low pressure knobby tyres give the chair increased grip, unbeatable climbing ability and traction and an exceptionally smooth and jolt-free ride while keeping all four drive wheels on the ground and smoothing the impact of small bumps and changes in the elevation of terrain. Also resulting in less pressure points, risk of injury, jarring and discomfort.

Capability: Grass, Paddocks, Life Style Blocks, Bush, Mud, Beach, Stones, Kerbs, Ramps, Snow, Uneven Footpaths, Railway Tracks, Difficult Terrain.

Intended Use:

  • Outdoors, Off-Road

  • Active outer urban living

  • Country living, working and rural productivity

  • Adventurous off-road recreation

  • Family activities, camping, beaches, sports - for freedom, inclusion, ability and lifestyle

  • For general and heavy-duty users - (also available in paediatric and bariatric)

  • Splash resistant – not water proof, must not be driven through water, into rivers, creeks or the sea

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