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Free NZ shipping on orders over $150.00 (excludes oversized items)
Free NZ shipping on orders over $150.00 (excludes oversized items)


What makes a lift chair different from a standard chair?

Lift chairs give you a little more than an ordinary chair. Lift chairs, sometimes referred to as ‘recliner chairs’, are chairs with a control box that allows a powerful lifting mechanism, lifting the entire chair up from its base, allowing the user easy ability to move either into a standing or sitting position.

Designed to assist people who have difficulty to stand or sit, lift chairs are available in many different styles and fabrics, with different motor options. Please see the following to guide you through your options:

Motor options – what does this mean?
This issue of motor options usually is one of the first questions broached when starting to investigate and navigate the large range of lift chair options available. The motor, as stated above, is the control box allowing the lift feature in lift chairs. So, what are the options?       In simple terms: the more motors the chair has, the more options you have.

Single Motor
A single motor lift chair will allow your legs to raise, then it will recline your backrest. When you sit up in the chair, the back will sit you up, then the footrest will pack away, and if you keep your finger on the button you will rise to your feet.

Dual Motor
A dual motor lift chair will allow you to bring your feet up for a relaxed afternoon with a book. You can also bring your feet up and recline your back for a nice relaxing afternoon nap. Because you can move the backrest and leg rest separately, you can achieve many more positions than with a single motor lift chair, and you are not restricted to the order you need to do things.

Tilt in Space
Pride’s T3 lift chair has been developed to give you more adjustment than ever before with tilt in space or zero gravity position and Trendelenburg option. Tilt in space helps you maintain a more supported position when reclined whilst the Trendelenburg position is the ability to raise your ankles higher than your heart, allowing for optimal relief from various medical conditions.

Power Stand Assist
The Power Stand Assist is perfect for that additional assistance for the living room or nursery homes with the power seat lift and no recline.


Please note:
2-position is a TV recline
3-position is a full recline
Infinite position is a full recline with independent leg rest function

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